There are so many benefits to investing in having your own beehives. Not only will you be making a long-term commitment to supporting your local environment and your personal health, but you will also be leaving behind a healthier planet and legacy for the next generation.

If you have questions and would like to discuss how we can help, please contact Bee responsible…

For the Mind

Supports mindfulness and wellbeing: take time out, focus on the bees and produce health products using natural ingredients from the beehive.

Continuous learning: learn new skills: learn about the bees, our environment, nature and many other subjects. Our teaching syllabus is aligned with the BBKA and DEFRA’s ‘Healthy Bees Plan’.

Learn a new hobby: make new friends and enhance relationships with the natural world.

Supports stress and anxiety management: nurture bees, our environment and nature and give back.

For the Body


Supports recuperation and recovery  programmes following illness by having access to:

Fresh air

Working in green spaces surrounded by nature

Encourages regular exercise

Access to plenty of raw, natural and healthy food ingredients such as honey, pollen and beeswax.

Business and Corporates


Supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives
Biodiversity net gain (BNG)

Planning and development initiatives and applications

Conservation and ecology initiatives.

Supports build projects: BREEAM, SKA, WELL, LEED ratings and awards.

Supports and enhances the environment, biodiversity, ecology and sustainability:  in fact, the eco-system!

Communicates a responsible and positive message to stakeholders, clients and the community. Long-term investment in own beehives and supporting the local environment.

Marketing material: natural products from the hive can be used in marketing and PR campaigns..

Gardeners, Estate Managers and Farmers


Improves and increases yields of fruit, vegetables and crops through pollination services

Conserves and improves the quality of plants and plant offspring:  estate farmland, woodland, gardens and crops through pollination.

Helps build natural and healthier habitats for wildlife.

Improves sustainability and biodiversity.

Improves LEAF initiatives.

Community Projects, Enterprises and Charities


Raises awareness of charitable causes and foundations: supporting the environment, conservation and nature.

Engages communities and stakeholders: offers an opportunity to socialise, collaborate, exchange skills, knowledge and initiatives.

Generates income and support charitable projects: experience days: sale of hive products.

Supports CSR initiatives.

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